Right out of a shower!

>> Tuesday, November 04, 2008

What is it about women who have just come out of shower? The face a little blush with the hot water, hair all wet and glistening, eyes bright and shining, droplets of water adding to the freshness of it all. Eons of men have fallen head over heels for that look. No make-up, no plastic surgery, no lighting effect will essay the beauty that resonates out of a woman just out of shower.

Countless poets have used this beauty as an analogy - even comparing it to the fresh earth after a rainfall. No fragrance in the world matches with that of her wet hair after a bath - so they tell me! It brings to my mind the reaction of Amitabh in the movie "Abhimaan" every time a freshly bathed Jaya Bhaduri comes to wake him up. What is it about this particular instant that makes you go weak in the knees, at the same time makes you stand proud and feel the responsibility of protecting the innocence, the beauty in front of you? You can just but admire nature's way of showcasing the purest of human forms, a form cleansed of all negativity, of all the worldly worries, ready to take on a new day, in a new light!


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