My Best Friend's Wedding

>> Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Written on a cold Jaipur night, looking on as one of my best friends, Sourawi (a Kokanastha brahmin), got married to Piyush (from a staunch Marwari family)... Blame the cold if the poem seems uncharacteristically mushy!

My Best Friend's Wedding

She stands there aglow in bridal glory,
A fairytale end to a beautiful love story..
Him by her side, strong and proud,
Talking to her eyes amidst festivities loud..

The mother stands there with eyes holding back a tear,
Filled with joy, pride, satisfaction and a little fear..
Her sweet little angel has suddenly grown,
Seemingly ready to take on the world on her own!

The little sister scurries around doing a bit of work,
Keeps coming out of her trance with a jerk..
Feeling all the gamut of emotions on her face,
As she dreams of the day she will be at that place..

It is a strange confluence of cultures brought about by love,
Both parties handling each other as if handling a delicate dove..
Trying to understand each other with patience and respect,
Making adjustments, overlooking compromises, not looking to dissect..

And as she stands there smiling at every congratulating relative,
She feels the pressure of living far away from her land native..
She looks up into those eyes she fell in love with, as if to plead,
Realizing that those same eyes will give her the strength she will need..

As I stand here with all the happiness in my heart,
Smiling away a goofy grin thinking about the ways of cupid's dart..
I realize that whatever ways of the world there might be,
Some pairs are just meant to be, just meant to be...


I Fly

>> Friday, November 14, 2008

Something I wrote while sitting atop a cliff on Sihagad Fort.

I Fly

To jump off the cliff, into the abyss below,
To soar into the sky again, just before you hit the low
To slightly caress the green grass, play along with a butterfly
To be happy, to be free, oh to be able to fly

To face the sun head on, to climb up in defiance,
To shout out to the world, I don’t need no alliance!
To leave behind those eagles sly,
To be happy, to be free, oh to be able to fly

To look down, with some disconcert, on people below
A teacher, a love, a friend, a foe
To be away from all of them, where no feelings apply
To be happy, to be free, oh to be able to fly

And then you realize as you hit the ground,
You really want all those people around,
As you look up to the lonely birds in the sky,
To be happy, to be free, oh I don’t need to fly!


Right out of a shower!

>> Tuesday, November 04, 2008

What is it about women who have just come out of shower? The face a little blush with the hot water, hair all wet and glistening, eyes bright and shining, droplets of water adding to the freshness of it all. Eons of men have fallen head over heels for that look. No make-up, no plastic surgery, no lighting effect will essay the beauty that resonates out of a woman just out of shower.

Countless poets have used this beauty as an analogy - even comparing it to the fresh earth after a rainfall. No fragrance in the world matches with that of her wet hair after a bath - so they tell me! It brings to my mind the reaction of Amitabh in the movie "Abhimaan" every time a freshly bathed Jaya Bhaduri comes to wake him up. What is it about this particular instant that makes you go weak in the knees, at the same time makes you stand proud and feel the responsibility of protecting the innocence, the beauty in front of you? You can just but admire nature's way of showcasing the purest of human forms, a form cleansed of all negativity, of all the worldly worries, ready to take on a new day, in a new light!


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