I Fly

>> Friday, November 14, 2008

Something I wrote while sitting atop a cliff on Sihagad Fort.

I Fly

To jump off the cliff, into the abyss below,
To soar into the sky again, just before you hit the low
To slightly caress the green grass, play along with a butterfly
To be happy, to be free, oh to be able to fly

To face the sun head on, to climb up in defiance,
To shout out to the world, I don’t need no alliance!
To leave behind those eagles sly,
To be happy, to be free, oh to be able to fly

To look down, with some disconcert, on people below
A teacher, a love, a friend, a foe
To be away from all of them, where no feelings apply
To be happy, to be free, oh to be able to fly

And then you realize as you hit the ground,
You really want all those people around,
As you look up to the lonely birds in the sky,
To be happy, to be free, oh I don’t need to fly!


Jinie 7:10 PM  

Simply superb!!
As someone rightly said just a few poetic synonyms here and there Wordsworthship is not far away! ;)

Ÿ∂ Μ Î ŋÎ 7:18 PM  

To sit on a cliff and love the height
To sit and appreciate the rising light
A beauty you write, all praises comply
Be happy, be free, and make us all fly…

Keep writing…

Caught Offside! 2:32 PM  

@Jincy: Thanks... But I guess that's the difference between Wordsworth and mere mortals! :)

@Yamini: Thas was beautiful. As our company so shamelessly says it (without actually meaning it) "Raise the Bar!" You have shown how :)

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